Social Media Marketing 2013 – Next Level Conversions

Ich war der “dude with the Lederhosen” und habe die Conversion Conference in London gerockt. Hier ein Video-Mitschnitt und die Präsentation.

Rebel without a cause? Yes, nearly everybody is doing it: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc.. Significant amounts of money and time flow into Social Media. Why? Is it really that effective and what‘s next? By now you have probably given away enough, collected fans and developed Apps. But what is the next step? It‘s time to move to the next level: Social Conversions. How will “Likes” become clients, re-pins turn into money, retweets to leads and Circles to brand ambassadors? In this session Bob Seeger will share with you strategies, tips and success stories for Social Conversions. You will learn how you can gain more from Social Media beyond tools and big budgets and how to finally turn Social Media into a viable business option.